Mastercue Information

Mastercues have established themselves as one of the finest cue makers in the world.
Fantastic quality and affordable prices, with all the modern day extensions available for every cue.
From novice to professional, there is something for everyone.

Mastercue Snooker & Pool Specification Cues

  • Our Snooker Specification Mastercues are 3/4 jointed cues with ash shafts to a standard 58″ length, tip size 9.5mm, weight between 18 – 19 oz
  • Pool Specification cues are 3/4 jointed with ash shafts made to a standard 57″ length, tip size 8.5mm, weight 16 – 17.5 oz
  • We do stock cues outside of these standard specifications. Plus we have a selection of 1pc and maple cues.


  • Straight grain ash shaft
  • Rigidity and firmness to produce the full range of shot
  • Corresponding density to produce the proper balance
  • Highly matured (Seasoned and dried at different stages of process)
  • Imported first class African Ebony butt
  • Wide range of exotic woods which are most rarely found nowadays are used as our butt decorative splicing, giving special characteristic patterns


  • The shafts are turned down to size gradually over time during the manufacturing process. The result is a high degree of precision and straightness consistency regardless of change of climate. All the cues are made with great care throughout the manufacturing process. They guarantee that all the cues were 100% hand made (Not like some other that claim to be). This ensures the customer obtains a real piece of artwork, a perfectly formed snooker cue.


  • The special brass joint “Semi quick release” are made from solid brass precisely programmed by CNC machine to obtain the highest standard of perfect alignment and contact.


  • After several sanding operations to reach the finest smooth surface, oils and wax are applied to produce a unique smooth and natural feel.

Mastercue have fantastic ranges of cues to choose from. 

Mastercue Best Value cues
Prices start from £125.00 for a 3/4 jointed ash machine spliced Tournament –  3/4 Jointed Ebony butt Tudor cues are £140.00
A 3/4 jointed ash handmade Classic is great value at £175.00

Pro Butt Range : PB1 – PB5
Prices starting from £195.00 for a 3/4 jointed ash PB1 – £230.00 for a 1 pc maple PB3

Millenium Range : M1 – M7
Prices start from £195.00 for a 3/4 jointed ash M1 – £275.00 for a 1pc maple M7

Connoisseur-S & Connoisseur Ranges
Prices start from £340.00 for a standard 1pc ash Connoisseur – £390 for a 1 pc maple Connoisseur – S