SP Cues – High quality cues competitively priced

A full range of cue designs, exotic woods and shaft grades to choose from. Time and care taken with every cue, from plain ebony handmade Champion cues with selected ash or maple shafts right up to Ultimate & Limited-Edition cues made with only the very highest grades of woods.

We have a selection of SP cues in our showroom, no need to wait you could have a new cue in your hands in days. If you prefer to have a cue bespoke made to order we can do this for you. Champion range, Ultimate & Limited Edition cues can be with you in approximately 6 months.

Sunny Akani is the brand ambassador for SP Cues. Sunny has helped to ensure that SP Cues fully understand what is required in a good cue. I must say I’m very impressed with the overall quality, they are excellent.

Applies to all cue Ranges

  • SP Cues are all fitted with end joint for use with extensions. (Spiro Thread)
  • All cues have carefully selected shafts with strength.
  • Straight side grain with forward facing chevrons, attention to detail ensures these all line up with the chamfer and name plate.
  • Natural oil finish to the entire SP cue range.
  • 1 pc cues are £25.00 more expensive than ¾ Jointed cues.

Champion Range – Handmade ebony butt with ash or maple shaft.

  • Plain ebony – From £215.00
  • Front Splice Design – 4 splice ebony with 1 splice of Asian wood – From £250.00
  • 4 Splice Design – 4 splices ebony with 4 splices of Asian woods – From £310.00
  • 8 Splice Design – 4 splices ebony with 8 splices of Asian woods – From £370.00

Asian woods – Black & White Ebony, Burrwood, Chingchan, Praduke, Rosewood –   Veneers: Maple

Ultimate Range – Handmade ebony butt with ultimate quality ash or maple shaft.

  • Plain ebony – From £335.00
  • Front Splice Design – 4 splices ebony with 1 splice of exotic wood: From £375.00
  • 4 Splice Design – 4 splices ebony and 4 splices of exotic wood: From £460.00
  • 8 Splice Design – 4 splices ebony and 8 splices of exotic wood: From £540.00

Exotic woods – Black & White Ebony, Maka Burl, Taemong, Malid, Siam Rosewood, Boomafan, Dumline, Chingchan, Praduke Burl – Veneers: Maple or Poomkao Burl.

Limited Edition Cues – Handmade ebony butt with highest grade exotic wood selection with Ultimate quality ash or maple shaft.

  • Can be bespoke made to your own design and specification.
  • Limited Edition cues have individually numbered badges.
  • Only the highest-grade woods are used for Limited Edition cues.
  • Limited Edition Cues From £575.00
  • Cues prices vary depending on splices and woods chosen.

Cue Designs – Plain Ebony – Front splice – Double splice – 4 splice – 5 splice – 8 splice & 16 splice designs options available.

Exotic woods – Highest Grades – Taemong, Black & White Ebony, Chingchan, 7 Colour Siam Rosewood, Malid, Tigar Star, Snakewood, Lava – Veneers: Ripple or Birdseye Maple, PoomKao Burl, Red Pradoo Burl.

What is the difference between Champion, Ultimate and Limited-Edition shafts?

Champion shafts – Might have a little more flex than Ultimate and Limited-Edition cue shafts. All shafts are weighed while in the process of being taken down, lighter shafts are used on Champion range cues, the heavier denser shafts are put to one side for Ultimate and Limited-Edition cues.
The ash or maple grain pattern will be good but not necessarily as pleasing on the eye as the higher range cues. But don’t worry Champion range shafts need to be of a certain quality to be selected as suitable.
SP cues have a strict selection processes, which ensures you will have a high-quality playing cue. Players who like a strong playing cue but want to keep the cost down, these are a great option.

Ultimate shafts
As you would expect Ultimate shafts have excellent visual grain pattern, strength and density. This all helps to provide confidence and good playability for players using them.

Limited Edition shafts
The same attention to details as Ultimate cue shafts.
This is something that many Pro’s look for when selecting a new cue, stiff shafts usually produce exceptional playability and shot feedback. Producing less deflection, making these cues easier to use and more forgiving than shafts with more flex and higher deflection.

SP Cues Extensions

  • 3″ Solid ebony mini butt – £15.00
  • 6″ Solid ebony mini butt – £25.00
  • 6″ Exotic wood mini butt – £32.00
  • 9″ – 13″ Telescopic extension £25.00
  • 20″ extending to 34″ Telescopic extension – £35.00