GBL Cues Information

Craftsmanship and timbers used are comparable and in many cases better than some of the very best cue makers in the world today.
If you order one of these from shop stock it will be with you in days not months or years, total satisfaction is guaranteed, numbers are strictly limited due to the time intensive methods of manufacture.
GBL cues are all custom made to order but made to the specifications that I place myself. The feed back from many years has enabled me to order what is required to stock our shop.

  • Snooker Specification : Tip size 9.25 mm – 10 mm, length 56″ – 59″, weight between 17 – 19 oz, butt diameters are between 29 mm – 30 mm .
    These are standard specifications for shop stock although we do stock many other combinations.
  • Pool Specification : Tip size 8 mm – 9 mm, length 56″ – 58″, weight 16 oz – 17.5 oz but diam 28 mm – 30 mm butt diameter.
    These are the ideal specifications to play English pool with.

We do have cues made outside of these specifications, I’m always looking to cater for different players requirements.

  • Prices £320.00 – £685.00

How good are GBL cues ?

  • The expertise I have gained enabled me to select the best craftsman to make our GBL brand of cues. Because of the time and care that goes into making GBL cues we only have about 100 made every year. This is one of the reasons why I prefer not to have  cues custom made to order for customers, we only have 2 deliveries a year so it means a long wait, why wait when I have a good selection in stock to choose from in the shop that you can try before you buy !
  • All GBL cues are custom made to my exact specifications and designs. Because there are so many different combinations of splices, exotic woods & veneers, cues made can be one of only a few made to a particular wood combination and design.
  • When buying a GBL cue customers can be assured that they are purchasing a truly top quality product. A very strict and time consuming selection process is undertaken when choosing only the finest cuts of timber to make our cues, shafts have been carefully selected for straightness of grain and are seasoned and dried at different stages of process, making sure that the cue has the necessary rigidity and firmness to produce a full range of shots. The ebony used is second to none, you simply won’t find better. Splices are perfectly formed and even, something only the finest craftsmen can achieve. Cues are naturally weighted when possible, balanced and finished off with a blend of oils to give a smooth and beautiful finish to compliment a perfectly made cue.

Key Features

  • Finest grade Ash & Maple shafts. Pro quality.
  • Strength is a must when finding suitable shafts for all GBL cues. We know strength is a very important factor to a cues playability, you can be safe in the knowledge that your cue shaft will be stiff and strong.
  • Every shaft is carefully tapered in stages and left each time so that the natural stresses in the wood can settle, avoiding unnecessary warping.
  • All cues have the highest grade ebony used for butt splicing.
  • Extra splices only the finest quality exotic woods are used.
  • Each butt is individually hand spliced onto the shaft to the very highest levels of craftsmanship.
  • Final finishing is done here in the UK by cue-maker Craig Fitzpatrick. Last stage sanding process and traditional oil finishing is completed, this gives each cue a natural super smooth finish, an attractive appearance that ages naturally, and helps to prevent the cue from drying out.
  • Finished cues are not only made to the highest standards but also beautiful to look at with great feel and playing ability.
  • An extension thread is fitted into the end of the butt as standard on all cues.

There are a number of players on the main tour who use our GBL cues.

  • The most notable recently is 4 x world champion John Higgins,  looked for the help of Green Baize when trying to find a suitable new cue.Written by Raymond Cohen – Exquisite Cues Scotland
    John Higgins Cue Update!
    As I’ve been getting asked lots about John Higgins and if he has a new cue? Well the answer is Yes. After many alterations to his now old cue Exquisite no 388 John felt like he went too far with alterations and wanted a fresh start, however I never had any suitable shafts to suit John as it’s a very specific grain pattern/flex/ash colour and density of shaft he likes, also most importantly it has to play well and not easy to find.


    As I found it very difficult to find another shaft even close to Exquisite 388 I advised John it might be a good idea to try Stu Green at Green Baize Cues as he has so many cues therefore more chance of finding one. That’s exactly what he did, and was lucky enough to find a great cue to his taste, however John still asked me to splice it to suit his overall spec and feel.

    Credit must go to Stu Green as he had to search long and hard to find a suitable cue for John and fully understands exactly what he’s after.
    I’d recommend anyone to visit Green Baize if you want to try out some nice cues, Stu is a top bloke to deal with.

    I altered Johns new cue to make it more to his exact spec, which included four lower Cocobolo splices and slight adjustment to weight, also changing base joint to my one to fit his current extensions.
    John also was kind enough to give me back Exquisite 388 to keep which has had a great run in Johns career.

    Thanks to Raymond Cohen for his kinds words, and much appreciated.

  • Another notable player is former world number 5 Stephen Maguire. Stephen was using a GBL C8 1pc maple. Just 10 days after selecting his cue from the Green Baize shop he won the 1st UK PTC event of 2012, Stephen went on to win the Welsh Open using his GBL cue in February 2013, this put an end of the 5 year drought without a ranking title.
  • Congratulations to Stephen Maguire who has won the 2020 Coral Championship. Picking up a cool £150,000, in addition to this the £10,000 highest break prize plus the £100,000 for winning the series.
    Back using another GBL maple cue bought just 4 weeks prior to this event.
Below are some more players who have bought GBL cues over the years.
  • 2 x World Snooker Champion Alex Higgins
  • 2 x World Pool Champion Chris Melling
  • 13 x World Professional Billiards Champion Mike Russell
  • 4 x World Professional Billiards Champion Peter Gilchrist

Thanks for your time.