All cues and cases are professionally packaged ready to send anywhere in the world.
You can be safe in the knowledge when sending cues without cases we use very strong plastic tubing, depending on cue length and additional products purchased we use the appropriate tubing to send everything safely. 
We use 3 x 32mm x 3mm thick solvent weld plastic tubing, by taping 3 tubes together with duck tape, this creates great strength, it’s ideal for sending a cue plus extensions and small accessories. 
When sending a single cue 58″ or less we use Mike Wooldridge’s Triangle tubes, these are exceptionally strong and suitable to send a single cue on it’s own. 
Cues are placed in plastic sleeves, both ends of the tubing is then filled with bubble wrap to stop any movement, we then at least triple tape the ends of the tubing with duck tape, the final process is to cover the tubing with fragile tape, this helps to ensure that the parcel is handled with care, although in reality the parcel is very durable.    

When sending cases we take the same care.
Cases are placed in plastic sleeves, we use a combination of double boxing or single box and bubble wrap to make sure you receive your case in perfect condition. 
When buying a cue and case combination we send the cue inside the case.
The cue is still placed into a plastic sleeve and any additional products like extensions placed inside are always sealed. 

To put things into perspective.
We send 100’s of parcels every year safely to destinations all around the world.
In the last 20 years we have only had a handful of incidents, this has been to no detriment to our customer, everything is fully insured by ourselves. 
Customers in this situation have either been fully refunded or sent replacement prodcts.  

Please note – We don’t advise anyone to send a cue in just a single round tube, although the some tubes are strong, a single tube could bend enough with heavy pressure in transit to damage a cue, this is why we always tape 3 x tubes together for strength.    

I hope this information helps.
If you have any concerns it’s best to give us a call on 01642 760888